Angry Birds!

I am sure those who have an iphone have this little game installed on their phone. It is one of the best selling games on iphone. It has been called “Furiously Entertaining Game!” by some and it has been rated the number one paid iphone app by apple.

The story is about the revenge of a bunch of birds who attack some pigs to get revenge of their eggs stole by those pigs!

Birds are launched using a slingshot. Tap on the loaded bird and pull back and adjust the angle. The more you pull back the slingshot, the faster and harder the bird will be thrown.

After throwing them and by tapping the screen, some birds can do extra things like  exploding, exploding into 3 birds, speeding up, dropping a bomb etc…

The  job is to use the angry birds abilities to bring revenge and destroy the evil green pigs!

Well that seems all fun and OK and I enjoyed playing a few round of the game. But have a look at the next screenshot:

What do you see? A dead bird on the left corner of the screen! In fact as you launch the birds and they fly all the way from one side to the other side of the screen to hit the pigs’ (enemies’) buildings they explode and die!

Does this remind you of anything familiar? Isn’t this the act of suicide? Aren’t we teaching a wrong doing by such game? Don’t  suicide bombers use the same techniques with the same view? Was 7/7 and 9/11 the same sort of act?

And How can we be happy to have this game as one of the best selling games?

Are we a suicide bomber by nature (not admitting it!) and we all have a copy of the practise book (electronic version of course!) installed in our iphones or are these crazy things only for terrorists who have happened not to have an iphone so they take the revenge in real life?! 🙂

I have to say even though the game seems to be fun and I paid a dollar for it, I don’t wish to play it as I can’t see the moral behind it! Perhaps the better version of this game is when you launch a bird after she attacks the pigs, she just walks slowly away from the side of the screen getting ready for the next level rather than exploding and dying!

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