Summer Ski

We had two wonderful days of skiing at Les Mosses yesterday and today. It was really fun to ski on icy and soft brown snow! In fact I never knew there were brown snows too! But you have to be really lucky and live in tropical Switzerland to see such phenomenon!

Of course my further research (and physical examination!) proved that I was wrong and there was no such thing as Brown Snow! The fact is as we live in a tropical country, the snow can mix with mud time to time and make it brown!

A big portion of the piste was also covered by ice which seemed to be former snows, turned melted snows and now ice! I would have had better performance if I had my ice skating shoes with me instead of skis! 🙁

On the way down from the mountains we had to turn on the climate control to cool down a bit. Having ski pants on, in a hot day is not really pleasant.

In the afternoon as the weather was too hot, I had my car roof down and enjoyed the sunshine. 🙂

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