Monthly Archives: February 2011

Angry Birds!

I am sure those who have an iphone have this little game installed on their phone. It is one of the best selling games on iphone. It has been called “Furiously Entertaining Game!” by some and it has been rated the number one paid iphone app by apple. The story is about the revenge of […]

Time Machine!

What would you have done if you had a time machine and you could travel back to the time? What would you have done? Would you have changed anything? This evening while we were having our dinner, out of the blue Ali said: “When I invent my time machine the first thing I am going […]

Summer Ski

We had two wonderful days of skiing at Les Mosses yesterday and today. It was really fun to ski on icy and soft brown snow! In fact I never knew there were brown snows too! But you have to be really lucky and live in tropical Switzerland to see such phenomenon! Of course my further […]

Les Mosses

The ski resort of Les Mosses has 60km of downhill skiing, with 15 individual pistes, served by 13 ski lifts. Les Mosses is able to augment natural snow, on 40km of ski runs. The 13 Ski Lifts of Les Mosses are able to uplift 10,000 skiers / snowboarders per hour. [postmap] We spent the day […]